Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Riding the surf.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”, oh Franklin (D Roosevelt) what wise words you said. Often I believe we’re all too keen to jump into life head first, feeling that we’re invincible in everything that we do, thinking that the path is going to be laid out for us with signs illuminating the way. Whilst a very optimistic ideology to live by it often leads to disappointment and heartbreak.

Life isn’t perfect – you and I both know that now, surely? – But neither is it supposed to be. We are built by the obstacles and challenges we overcome, our resilience built by the very hurdles that are sent to knock us down and destroy us. Being optimistic is not a bad thing, of course it isn’t, but seeing life through rose tinted glasses and not being realistic about these things can be more of a hindrance than an advantage.

It's a little silly how these things spring to mind. I've been back from my travels nearly a year and I've accomplished very little in that time, cried unnecessarily over boys, had my heart stomped on, and stomped on someone else's too. I've been coming to terms with the possibility that I've got to deal with chronic pain for the rest of my life (we shall see what happens after the operation), and I've been left in my hospital gown awaiting a diagnostic procedure I've still yet to receive. Granted, this was yesterday's situation but it made me feel terrible. Distraught. Non-human. Like I was merely drifting. I just have to keep reminding myself that it is all okay {well, with the exception of being left hanging like some sodden washing.. that just plain pissed me off}; it has helped to build me.

I'm using this set back and grow from it to help build up my resilience against plenty of other obstacles that are bound to get in my path at some point or another.

Life was never supposed to be an easy ride. Much like the rider who falls off the horse or the surfer who all-too-ambitiously swims out towards the strongest surf and gets knocked back, I will get up again. Just you wait.


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  1. But think of what you have achieved a further year on 😊