Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Back to the start...

Well - I think we can all agree on one thing, I'm terrible at keeping my promises. I ventured back into blogging at the end of last year. I felt I was ready to put pen to paper (so to speak) and rekindle that burning desire to write, share, and (I hope!) inspire others. Instead I displayed a popular cancerian characteristic and retreated back into my shell.

I'm ready to change that.

I'm through with backing out at every opportunity, saying no, shying away from experiences that I know will help to build me as a person. I know - and I guess I have known for a while, I just needed to be sure - that I'm ready to be proactive with my life and grasp it by the horns.

I'm going to share my passions in life, the old and the new, the cooking and tasty bakes, the health, the dreams and aspirations.

Looking back on when I used to actively blog, yes I had an awful lot going on in my life with a terrible relationship (who's the sucker who stuck around by the way *hands up!*), a Masters degree I was so close to flunking  (yet managed to spin it around and obtain a Distinction), and an awful lot of dirty washing courtesy of the family (you could open up a laundrette), but I found an awful lot of peace and calm writing in my little blog. I miss that... the sense of calm and definitely not the drama I was escaping... but it isn't too late to start over again.

Much love, as per. Little Fish x

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